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Shitai and the Great Secret [linkki artikkeliin]

There was a man called Shitai. He lived in Japan and was the Guardian of the Great secret.
Every day Shitai took a bath and dressed up before going to the temple. Inside the temple
there was a big beautiful sword which Shitai used to kill the giants who dared to approach
the temple. There were a lot of giants near the temple at that times. One day when Shitai
was in the temple as usual, a man came in and asked for a cup of water. Shitai pointed to a
pool filled with fresh water that located in the middle of the temple. The man kneeled down
to drink. Shitai picked up the sword and cut his head off. Then Shitai opened the doors to
the Great Secret and threw the head inside. After that Shitai locked the doors until the
next time.
Kirjoittaja: maea
Julkaistu: Helmikuu 03, 2007
maeaVanha enkun aine =D
Lähetetty: 03.02.07 10:34
seekerAika goree kamaa. Koskas tulee jatko-osat: Shitai and attack of the Giants ja Beyond the Great Secret :)
Lähetetty: 03.02.07 12:32