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Tales Untold [linkki artikkeliin]

Once upon a time, in a deep deep forest where no birds sing nor animals live, a cottage is
built. The builders stand infront of their hard work terrified of the darkness around them.
They can only hope it will give them the protection they need in this odd world of which
they know nothing about. A cold breeze brings the ominous mist closer squeezing them tighly
together. The darkgreen spruce forest seemes to laugh at them and their fear, enjoying of
it. Scared to death the three of them step into their cottage as the sun vanishes in the
south, almost as if the forest had devoured the light for all eternity...

Shana  woke up in the darkness, something was creeping outside their small home. Something
big and scary. Every crack seeped with questions. The cottage was dead silent. Shana's heart
seemed to beat like a church bell. Then, whatever it was, left silently. Tarya had woken up
as well and the rest of the night they stared at each other across the floor without feeling
the cold earth beneath them. Josie was sound asleep until the sun finally came up in the
northern sky. It had been a rough first night but the cabin had proved itself. They would be
safe here. They spent the next day trying to improve their small new home. They also tried
to improve they're living conditions by getting hay, grass and other soft materials from the
forest around them. But they didn't wander far. They satyed as close to the cabin as
possible. They didn't talk to each other. Talking had been forbidden in the temple and they
still followed the rules to the letter although the beautiful temple was long gone. They
were or at least had been the priestesses of Guiara. After the destruction of the temple and
they're daring escape a forest had grown around them out of nowhere. They're white gones
shined in the sunlight and the sky seemed friendly. They had no idea where they were or how
they got there. No clue what so ever to their location on Shi'ra. What they didn't realize
yet was that Shi'ra no longer existed. They only thing they were able to do now was to wait
with the grimm reality that everything they had once loved and cherished was gone. They
remembered the temple and the song in the air which had made the silence vow so easy. They
had heard that song all they're life but not as clear and bright as in the temple. Now there
was only silence and they knew the world as they knew it was gone. Shana was least suprised
of the three of them. She had been a clerk and a describer so she knew the ancient tales of
The Different Time full of simple minded animals and people who knew no magic. There was a
rumour that there had been a time before The Different Time but it seemed unlikely as so
much history was between The Different Time and Age of the Shi'ra. But now the old tales
were irrelevant. Age of Shi'ra had come to an end as predicted by the wise long ago. "Shi'ra
lives, Shi'ra dies only if you never forget it" said the wise. And true, no-one thought
Shi'ra would come to an end. So much history, so much to remember that the oldest tales were
forgotten. Shi'ras death was forgotten and then Shi'ra died. 
	Tarya cried secretly amongst her duties. She had had so much to live for. Best friends at
her side, exiting times behind her and the beauty of the temple inside her. No only painful
flasesh of beauty gone flashed before her eyes. As much as she had had beauty in her, now
she only had screaming people, blood, darkness before her eyes. She had never sacrifised a
thought to the Age Of Shi'ra. She, like the others, had thought it was eternal and now as
the strange unwanting world around them grew stronger, Tarya had to face a grimmer reality
she had ever imagined. 
	Even though it was rough on Tarya, Josie had it the hardest. She had been Seeing for years.
Always lost in her own world knowing what was going to happen. At first, as a child, she had
thought it as a burden but at the iniation it had turned into a gift. She hadn't seen the
destruction before hand and had been panicing about it for the last week. It wasn't normal
for her not to see what was ahead. Maybe gods had spared her eyes but nevertheles she hadn't
had a clue. And now, like the music had stopped, the seeing had stopped. She was on her own
in a scary place without a sight of the future and it was more terrifying for her than
anything else before that. Not even Guiras temple's destruction had been so horrofying.
Maybe that's why she lived in denial, in a dream as she thought it to be, for a long time
and was the happiest of the three until the day of awakening. 
	The three continued working until sunset when the fear returned and they climbed into their
small baren cottage for another horrible night.

This is how the Tales Untold begins, with three Priestess who had somehow survived through
the Change Of Time, in a small rough cottage deep in the woods.
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